Invitacion to Desire, Sensuality and Infinite Excitation


Sex poses a magical world full of alternatives. There are so many games and possibilities that it is practically impossible to get bored of it once you learn to exploit all its slopes.


On the one hand, there is wild, uncontrolled and merely passionate sex. It is fun and satisfying, it brings back to our origins more animals, frees our minds and relaxes us. But, on the other hand, is there more sensational pleasure than that received in small doses, which is supplied in adequate quantities to keep us in the air for hours and whose culmination is a goal so desired that runs through our body from beginning to end ?

It is in this second case that the preliminaries are of exceptional importance. The fire starts to ignite little by little, the levels of excitement accelerate, the heart beats faster and faster as time passes. And best of all, it is a process so careful and studied that we can be aware of all the effects on our body and our partner. It is imperative to take adequate time to caress the buttocks, kiss the inner thighs, massage the breasts, lick areas as erogenous as the lobes of the ears or toes ...

But in the world of preliminaries there are many more options besides the traditional kisses and caresses. Likewise, it is important to know that these are not exclusive to women. To make the sexual experience of the boys much longer, nothing better than a sensual erotic dance. With soft, calm music and a moving hip movement they are often hypnotized and feeling as blood boils in their veins. You will see your lover undress slowly, slowly, unbuttoning each button while looking directly into his eyes. Another alternative is to tie their hands, blindfold them and begin to strip them using only the mouth ... Feeling that it is the woman who holds the reins usually produces much excitement in men. Or the infallible game of the doctor and the patient in which they can assume a personality that does not correspond to them without any kind of taboo.

As for the limit or duration of the preliminary games, it is always a decision of the couple. Some people enjoy stretching it to the maximum while other people prefer that it is only a step before the sexual act that does not detract from it. In any case, communication is the key to making this experience something unique and overwhelming.

As I said at the beginning, sex poses a magical world full of alternatives, and one of its great advantages is that the errors here do not take their toll. Explore, analyze, know your body and enjoy it like never before. If you discover something that is not to your liking, nothing happens, because there will always be something else that fascinates you. And if you're brave enough and daring to take this trip with a real sex provider, you'll get to places you never thought could be so close to the bed. Tenderness, sensuality and excitement infinite as the anteroom of the extraterrestrial and magnificent pleasures that you could never dream ...

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